Educating People in the ways of Wicca and the Occult for healing

I have been a student of Wicca and the occult since 1984 and I have studied in many countries and traditions.  To name a few: USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Korea, Japan, Philippines.  By gathering the knowledge of these many cultures and traditions I have found ways to help you. I have been the High Priest for several Wiccan covens and have trained many students.  I am now the High Priest of White Stag Circle.

Contact at  hp.bryce@whitestagcircle.com

When I first came to the Philippines I saw some things that shocked me.  It was not the widespread poverty or desperation that there is no shortage of.  It was not even the huge number of educated people who can not find work.  This country has the highest per capita of collage graduates in the world.  It was the “Faith Healers”, who shocked me.

There are people who can heal by Magick, Psychic Ability and some by Faith, but out of all the people I know and have talked to since my arrival I have not known of one person who was actually helped by any of the charlatans relieving people of the little money they have. After these charlatans have visited the homes the person in need ended up in the hospital and some women lost their babies!  Not one person has told me they were actually helped.

I have to admit that it made me angry.  I wanted to do something to protect people from these hacks.  But what was I to do?  Go to the media?  They would just label me “another meddling foreigner who does not understand Filipino culture”.  And I would have to agree with that statement.  Why did they keep using something that there was no evidence to prove it was effective or even sometime worked?

In the Philippines there are few health services of the Western variety available for the majority of the people, but the services of a “Helot” versed (usually not) in medical massage and trained in the traditional Filipino manner can be obtained without too much trouble.  The average Filipino doesn’t visit a doctor’s office. He must be very sick before he goes to the expense of calling a doctor or going to the emergency room.  Doctors and medicine cost money and the ordinary Filipino doesn’t have money on hand for such an expense.  Medical treatment may mean that someone goes hungry and that a whole family may have to eat less for a year for the sake of one ailing family member.  A doctor is often considered as a last resort.  The tolerance level for pain is very high.  I have seen many people with ugly sores walking down the street.  The deformed, maimed and blind people are seen wherever you travel.  Large cities in the Philippines like Manila and Cebu have up-to-date and expensive medical services, but the vast rural areas in the provinces suffer from a severe lack of modern medical services.  Because the medical needs are so enormous and treatment so expensive, the ancient medical practices, whether in the Philippines or elsewhere, are still popular.

This brought me back to my question; “what was I to do?”  I have studied Magick, herbal remedies, and the use of psychic ability.  I have done laying on of hands and used what I have learned to help many of my friends and fellow Coven members.  None of them ever got worse and all at least experienced relief.  I always encouraged them to see a Doctor as well and this has turned out very good.  Some who were not able to be helped by modern medicine were able to be correctly diagnosed and treated after our healing sessions.  But modern medicine is not as accessible to many people here.  This brought me to bring in my knowledge of herbs into the formula.  The solution hit me like a bolt of lightning.  EDUCATION!

I started a small workshop to teach basic meditation and pain management and it quickly grew into something much larger.  There are Filipinos who are sick of the charades and were looking to learn from a Witch.  The White Stag Circle was born.  Now we continue to teach the public about meditation and what herbs and plants they can grow to help with their problems.  We are also, training members of the circle in the same methods I have studied for over 25 years.  This of course has made some of the “Helot” very angry and some threats were directed at me and the members of the circle.  Someone, informed these guys I was a Witch, but did not explain further to them.  This was a mixed blessing because a Witch in the Philippines cast magick called Kulam.  Kulam is almost always what people would call “Black Magick”.  Needless to say we have not seen hide or hair of them since.  Now we are back to helping people rebuild and improve their lives through education and some brick and mortar work such as digging a better drainage system for small communities, or rebuilding a better Nipa Hut.

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