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White Stag Circle Rules

  1. Follow the Wiccan Rede and the Law of Three.
  2. Never boast, or threaten or speak ill of anyone.
  3. Do not haggle over the price of your ritual tools.
  4. Do not judge those of other paths, but offer them understanding.
  5. Do not steal from human, animal, or spirit.
  6. The High Priest/ess shall rule her coven as a representative of the Godd/ess.
  7. The High Priest/ess shall choose whom they will have as a High Priest/ess, providing they have sufficient rank.
  8. The High Priest shall support her as a representative of the God Hern.
  9. In the Circle, the commands and wishes of the High Priestess are law.

  10. The High Priest commands the respect due a counselor, or father.

  11. If there are disputes, let the High Priestess convene the High Council.  They shall hear both sides, and then together, and make a just decision.

  12. If the High Priestess and High Priest find it necessary to correct or rebuke a covener, this should be done in private and accepted with good grace by the recipient. Expulsions will be public.

  13. Any who will not work under the high priest/ess may find a new coven.

  14. If the High Priest/ess brings harm to any in the coven, s/he should be made to step down from their post by a unanimous vote in Council.

  15. Do not gossip or speak ill of other Wiccans.

  16. Never lie to the members of the Coven or to any Wiccan.

  17. None but the WSC may see our inner mysteries.

  18. No one shall reveal to outsiders who are members, or give names or addresses, etc. No one may do anything that will      endanger of  the craft, or bring them into contact with the law.

  19. Never use magick for show, pride, or glory.

  20. Never do anything to disgrace the Goddess or God.

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