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You cast a spell for me at the end of December to bring back my Lost Love and I am so delighted and excited to let you know that he has come back!

I haven’t spoken to him in 6 months and had given up hope that I would ever see or hear from him again. But last night, just a week after you cast the spell for me, he showed up at my door. I now realise that there is hope like you said.  I wanted to thank you for making this happen!

I believe you brought the two of us back together.


White stag circle spells are first rate and they truly care about people. They are truly reputable. Their spells really do work and your money is best spent here than with those 900 numbers and other so called psychic ripoffs. WSC can really help to improve your life and they want you to be happy!


I was so thrilled that I had the Money Spell cast a few months ago. Within days I got a letter from the child support office that my child support was increasing by $160 a month!


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