Educating People in the ways of Wicca and the Occult for healing

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Want more money in your life? Then you need to put out an invitation to get it coming in. Try this little money charm: 5 pine twigs, roughly the same size Silver and green ribbon Patchouli oil A dollar bill, preferably larger denomination (like a $20) The twigs should be little branches, not pineneedles. Gather your […]

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Have you lost track of an old friend? Can’t seem to find them on Facebook or Myspace? Try a little magick spell to have a friend get in touch again. You will need these items: • A white candle • Sandalwood oil and incense • Photograph of your friend • Glass bowl or cup of […]

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If you have a lot going on in your life, a little magick spell might help take the edge off from all that stress. For this spell, you need the following supplies: • 1 red candle • 1 white candle • Lavender oil • Cinnamon oil • Piece of red jasper • Piece of clear […]

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Another classic banishing technique is to freeze someone to make them powerless against you. You just need: • A small piece of paper • A black pen • A small piece of black string • Water • A freezer On the piece of paper, write the name of the person you want to banish. Tie […]

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