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 Q: How do I know to pick the Basic spell or Nine Knots?

A: Each spell gives an example when this is needed or should be considered.  Also, when in doubt email about your questions to hp.bryce@whitestagcircle.com

Q: Why won’t you let me have Nine Knots and Moon Planning on my Love Spell?

A: Nine Knots already involves Moon Planning and we will not charge you twice for this.

Q: Why would I select my spell to be cast at one of your eight auspicious occasions?

A: This is for when the spell is not needed right now and you want the spell to have maximum impact.  One example would be that you want to get pregnant and our spring celebration is the precise month of the year for maximum impact and may only be one or two months away.

Q: What do I do if I don’t know what spell I need?

A: Just email hp.bryce@whitestagcircle.com and you will receive advice on what will work best for you and your situation.

Q: I ordered a spell yesterday and nothing has happened, yet!  Why?

A: Magic takes time.  It is not a McSpell drive through.  Please wait at least two weeks.  Additionally, if you request a love spell and you have not left your house in two weeks might be why.  The person looking for you probably does not have your address.

Q: Can the entity that was psychically attacking me return?

A: Entities that we remove DO NOT return. I have done this with countless entities and none have ever returned. ‘Asking them to go’ or ‘showing them the way’ as most claim to do does NOT guarantee that they will go or if they do that they will not come back.  Just remember that they have moved on and will look for an easier victim than you.

Q: Why should I continue to see my doctor?

A: I will NEVER tell you that you do not need modern medicine. A combination of what we do and the care of your Doctor will only accelerate your physical recovery and if they were unable to diagnose/treat your problem before they may have greater success after we have cast your spell. 

Q: My pastor said that we are impervious to evil as long as we stay in the church.

A: No, that is misleading and naive or dishonest on their part. Sticking your head in the sand will not protect you.

Q: Do you destroy the entity?

A: NO!  All work is done with complete compassion. They are simply put in the proper place. Some claim to completely ‘destroy’ all negative entities; this is grandstanding and NOT possible. They are simply put into their proper place. Nothing can be completely destroyed.  Energy can not be created or destroyed, only changed.  Sorry, I didn’t write the law.

Q: How will I know if the entity left?

A: Most people wake up the next day feeling much ‘better’ and ‘different’. Other people notice things over a couple of days and in rare occasion’s weeks.

Q: Are you accepting students?

A: Not at this time.  We already have a one year waiting list.

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