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Have you lost track of an old friend? Can’t seem to find them on Facebook or Myspace? Try a little magick spell to have a friend get in touch again. You will need these items:

• A white candle
• Sandalwood oil and incense
• Photograph of your friend
• Glass bowl or cup of water
• Small handful of raw sea salt

Light your incense, and anoint the candle with the sandalwood oil. Light the candle to begin your spell. Set the photo in front of you and think about some of the memories you have of your friend. If you don’t have a picture, write their full name on a piece of paper instead.

Slowly pour the salt into your bowl of water while you repeat, “Contact me” while the salt drops. Leave the bowl of salted water next to the candle while it burns. Your friend will make contact with you before the water evaporates from the bowl.

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