Educating People in the ways of Wicca and the Occult for healing


You will receive expert Spell Casting from White Stag Circle. We will conduct the proper rituals and cast powerful spells you need to achieve your goals and desires.  Each spell and ritual is customized for you situation and need. I have been offering these services for over 20 years and also, have the assistance of the […]

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YULE (December 21) (Winter Solstice, December 20-23.  This is the longest night of the year.  The turning point when the days after will grow longer as winter begins its passage into spring. This is the time when the Goddess gives birth again to the Divine Sun child who will be both child and eventually lover […]

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Samhain: Oct 31 Yule: Dec 21 Imbolc: Feb 2 Spring: Mar 21 Beltane: May 1 Midsummer: Jun 21 Lughnasadh: Aug 1 Autumn: Sept 21 Lunar Calandar   New Moon / First Quarter / Full Moon  /  Last Quarter                                                                                        /Jan  7  10:41   Jan 15 07:12/Jan 23 10:53/Jan 30  06:17/Feb  5  23:50 Feb 14 02:52/Feb 22  00:42/Feb 28  […]

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I have been a student of Wicca and the occult since 1984 and I have studied in many countries and traditions.  To name a few: USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Korea, Japan, Philippines.  By gathering the knowledge of these many cultures and traditions I have found ways to help you. I have been the High Priest for […]

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