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Another traditional binding spell that involves knots and wrapping with string. Black candles can be hard to find, so you can use a dark purple, blue or brown one instead. You need:

• A black candle
• A length of rough twine
• A length of black yarn
• A length of black thread
• Sandalwood oil

The exact lengths of the cords doesn’t matter, just use the same for all three. About 18 inches works well. Anoint the candle with sandalwood oil while you concentrate on the person you want to get out of your life. Wrap the black thread around the candle until you use the whole length, then tie it tightly. Then the yarn, and then the twine on top of that.

Light the candle, and let it burn out completely. Try to do this spell in the evening, letting the candle burn down overnight. Keep it somewhere safe and flameproof because the strings might catch fire as the candle burns down.

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