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This is a pretty generic bad luck spell to put on someone when you don’t have anything in particular in mind. All you’ll need is:

  • A solid padlock (keyed, not combination)
  • A sheet of paper
  • Something sharp like a pointed screwdriver
  • Black paint

Write a person’s name on a piece of paper and fold it over once. Pierce the paper through the center to make a hole. Don’t use a hole punch, it has to be pierced with something pointed. Put the hasp of the lock through the hole and lock the lock.

Brush a glob of black paint over the keyhole and on either side of the lock. Hold the lock by the hasp until it dries, while repeating the following:

Blackest lock
Blackest luck
By this spell,
You now are stuck.

Now bury the lock somewhere in your yard, bury the key as close to your target’s home as possible. If you don’t know where they live, bury it your own yard, but not near the lock.

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