Educating People in the ways of Wicca and the Occult for healing

You will receive expert Spell Casting from White Stag Circle. We will conduct the proper rituals and cast powerful spells you need to achieve your goals and desires.  Each spell and ritual is customized for you situation and need.

I have been offering these services for over 20 years and also, have the assistance of the Circle as well as our students.  I can also, assure you that our service is never published or divulged to anyone.  Your privacy will always be respected.

Possible side effects:

Vivid dreaming

A tingling sensation of the fingers or extremities

Enhanced sex drive

Moment/s of clarity

Dizzy spells


What we DON’T do

Divination will show what may come.  Too many people think it is what will come.  We are beings of free will so we will not do the following to protect you from yourself.

Psychic reading

Contact the dead

Find your car keys

Curse anyone/thing

Bend the free will of another without full consent

Any questions can be sent to hp.bryce@whitestagcircle.com and I will respond as soon as possible.

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