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You can harness the mighty power of Aphrodite in this love spell to help bring true love into your life. Deep red lipstick 5 red candles 5 pink candles 5 white candles Square of white cloth Clean sea shell Piece of red yarn or ribbon Small white dish Fresh strawberries First create an altar area […]

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This simple spell will put the seed of attraction into someone’s heart (so to speak) and get them to notice you. You’ll need: A live pink carnation flower in full bloom A small piece of rose quartz A small slip of pink paper A pen or pencil Place the flower in a vase of water […]

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The number 3 really is powerful in the Wiccan world, which is why so many of my spells utilize it. This one is no exception. You’ll need to have: 3 slim red candles (the taper kind) Length of red yarn or string Rose oil Yarrow oil Lavender oil Something sharp to inscribe the candles. Carve […]

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Harness that full moon power with this love spell. This is also a potent fire spell so you will need somewhere that you can safely light a fire. Outdoors is best but a fireplace, woodstove or even a cast-iron cauldron would do. Other than that, you will need to have:   • A handful or […]

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